The Journey Starts Here

Before my life in 2014 I was an accumulator of all things, I ran an unorganised home and became a professional procrastinator. I hated having so much to do, rushing through my day from one child to the next, constantly cleaning, doing laundry and cooking on repeat. I was always in a constant state of anxiety and stress and I was overwhelmed. Whilst staying at home and looking after my children, I sought out the help of a psychologist and I worked out the blatantly obvious trigger for my anxiety was chaotic environments. I started to realise that I needed to change my environment to be a better version of myself, a more loving wife and an attentive and present mother.

One thing I despised doing every day was cleaning (only because I felt the mess, it NEVER ends) and I needed to find something that minimises time spent on cleaning and maximised time spent relaxing (I could be so lazy). Sometimes I would deal with the overwhelming task of cleaning by letting it go, hiding it, storing it away for another day and eventually, I would clangry clean (cleaning in a rage), de-clutter and get rid of a mountain of things! I feel amazing for about half a day. It was but a moment of bliss, then the children get home and a week goes by and I’ve relapsed into accumulating things, the house is still constantly messy and I am overwhelmed. You see Minimalism, is not just a constant state of de-cluttering. It is a mindset of living simply. To paraphrase ‘The Minimalists’ (Josh & Ryan) it is seeking happiness in people and using things for a purpose – not the other way around. The fact of the matter was, I was constantly cleaning because one, I have lots of children and two, I had lots of things. Well, I can’t get rid of the children… so the ‘things’ had to go and I have never been happier!

In 2014 I had my third child under 5 and at a very sad point of my life I found myself crying and buried under several piles of laundry… that my friends, was rock bottom. For as long as I could steal clothes from my older sister and buy clothes for myself, I had an obsession with fast fashion and that’s the crux of why I was buried under piles of laundry. I had accumulated too many clothes and the time I needed to wash, hang, sort, iron, hang, organise, sift through them of the morning and for them to finally end up stuffed behind a door was taking its toll on me. It was stealing what precious moments I had to myself in my day. Fast forward 3 years after adding minimalism to my lifestyle… I no longer have mountains of laundry and hundreds of pieces of clothing. I do a solid, brief job at the washing machine and I have a capsule wardrobe that makes life easy for me.  I no longer have one whole bedroom full of furniture, clothes, boxes, rubbish and bags of things that I would 1. organise, 2. use or 3. reflect on one day. I clangry cleaned for the last time and the storage bedroom is now a spare bedroom for when my father comes to visit from overseas. I will continue to pare down a lifetime of accumulated things that have hoarded my life, my time and my mind – in pursuit of what and who is most important in my life.

So this is how it should work on my blog; Reflection, Task, Reflection.

I have posted links to my favourite and most influential Minimalist blogs on the side panel. I love what they’re about and their blogs are a breath of fresh air from all the consumerist and self indulgent information we see every day on all media platforms. I encourage you to subscribe to them. How will I be different? Well. I’m a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend, employee, church goer, christian, catholic, psychology student and a recovering hoarder of clothes and all material things. If you can relate to one or all of those identities, hopefully you will find some merit in my journey and discoveries.

Before I played the Minimalist Game, I had one whole bedroom dedicated to my clothes and accessories




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