So this is how it should work; Reflection, Task, Reflection.

Meaning: I’ll give you some questions, you answer them in your head or on paper, I’ll give you a quick tip/task, then I’ll give you a post task reflection/prayer. So here goes.

First up…

Reflection: How many hours do you spend cleaning, doing housework or subsequently avoiding and procrastinating said tasks in a week?

Answer? Who cares! How would you like it if you spent half or even a quarter of that time doing said tasks and the rest of your time taking up a hobby or spending time with someone you love? Like the screaming child at your feet?

Task/Tip: Tidy home in ten minutes! Set a timer for 10 minutes. First, go around your high traffic areas with an empty laundry basket and pick up everything that does not belong. Next, Speedy Gonsalez around your house and return everything to its place. Finally, quickly sweep or vacuum the floors and wipe down benches or counters annnnd STOP! Voilà! Have a look around, pat yourself on the back and smile! A tidy (may not be super clean) looking home in 10 minutes.

A timer;

  1.  GHelps you get motivated to start at all. Sometimes tasks are too overwhelming to even think about, let alone complete. Just think about how much time you could waste in ten minutes doing something mindless like scrolling through Facebook for the kazillionth time and apply that thought into exiting out of all distractions and tapping on your clock app, setting it for ten minutes (ten measly minutes out of your day) pull your undies up and there it is, motivation.
  2. Get it done quickly; We can all get into the habit of starting and stopping and starting and Facebook and starting and screaming child and stopping and what was I doing again? Resolve to get it done and get it done quickly so you don’t have to revisit it again.
  3. Gives you momentum; Even if your timer has already gone off and even if your situation is like step 2 and you have had many distractions. you already have momentum and you are more likely to finish the task then to stop. Again, resolve to get it done quickly so you don’t have to revisit it again.

I will write a post on procrastination and momentum soon, but for now, I will share that I do this trick with my dining room, kitchen and living room and it only takes me 10 minutes, but for some it may take longer. Sometimes your home may need more detailing and that’s ok. You have made a start and now you can keep going with the feeling like you have accomplished so much already OR you can stop and be happy with what you’ve achieved and go to that screaming child and cuddle or play,  guilt and distraction free (assuming its a child, or it could very well be your partner or cat).

Post task reflection: If it takes you longer than ten minutes, you may have too many things in your high traffic areas. Consider de-cluttering your high traffic areas, so that they are the quickest rooms to clean. Keep the areas simple and furnished purposefully (as in, everything in there has a recurring use) so that you can get through it in ten minutes or less and be able to relax.

Speaking of quick resolves, here is a quick prayer to use when you are overwhelmed: Lord help me to remember that nothing is going to happen to me today that You and I together can’t handle. Amen. (A Short Prayer, 2017)

How did you go?


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