Hi I’m Jacinta.

Welcome! If It’s your first time here, please grab a cuppa and stay a while! I will attempt to indulge you with some light entertainment on why I’m a ‘wannabe’ Minimalist and offer some tips and helpful reflections to help you along your way.

A little about me:

I am a practicing Catholic (but don’t get turned off, take a leap of faith and read on) and the Catholic faith is a way of life that leads our family to peace and fulfillment. Furthermore, being a Christian and having the tenets of the Catholic Faith to guide me in particular, has made this journey toward simple living seem like it is and always was meant to be a part of how we should live. It seems like living simply and not having an unhealthy attachment to image, material goods, substances, busyness or lifestyle was Jesus’ style from the very beginning… and quite frankly, it was! Well it was certainly Mary’s style, because she didn’t check into Penrith Private Hospital with a designer Tote, a full face of contoured makeup and a photographer on site just to give birth, she just laid it all out in a Manger! Granted not many people I know would go to any of these extremes, but like the Saint’s before us, Mary gives us quite an example!

I am married to the most Minimalist person I know, he does not like to be labelled, so he is essentially a non minimalist by refusing to cooperate, he is also Catholic. I am a mother to four small children and a feline, the little ones do not know it, but they live quite minimally (until they go to their grandparents home). I work in a job that is full of love and purpose. I use all my good time looking after my husband and children, doing the essentials of every day and catching up with my other loved ones. During my spare time I enjoy pursuing what little writing skills I have on this blog, drinking coffee or wine, studying psychology at University and discerning how my faith can transform my life for the better.

I am quite phenomenal.

I hope you stay!


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